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When making a purchase online via the website www.julietajoias.com the user declares to understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions mean an agreement between the company Espaço Jóias, Lda., (julietajoias.com) with business address in Rua José Gomes Ferreira, No. 207, 4150-442 Porto, Portugal, Tax Identification Number and registry in the Oporto Commercial Registry Chamber under same number 505859602, hereinafter referred to as “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” and the person carrying out purchases through the internet site www.julietajoias.com, hereinafter called “Customer”.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by these Terms and Conditions and the Information available on the site. In case of omission of any condition, this will be considered governed by habits and customs in force in distance selling practices, according to the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Loyal Practices of the AMD – Portuguese Association of Direct Marketing and other legislation in force.

Article 1 – Registration Process

To make purchases through the site www.julietajoias.com the Customer shall hold a pre-registration. This registration process is to fill out an on-line registration form, on the site. The Customer will be asked for the name and contact details.

With the registration the Customer must choose a “password” to access to the private area of the site. After this last step the Customer will then be able to make online purchases and, at any time, to make changes on the data previously entered or the access codes.

Data collected at registration are considered confidential and will be handled by “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” in accordance with the legislation in force and other conditions set out in the Privacy Policy of the company. At any time the Customer can access the data, make corrections or request the removal from the database.

Article 2 – Order Process

To start the ordering process the Customer must navigate on the site and view the different products in a catalog. These are presented initially by categories and then each individual product can be selected. On the product page a detailed description is presented with good resolution images and in some cases with other forms of visualization.

The products will then be added to a shopping list, using the online purchase/order option. Several products can be added to the shopping list before the order conclusion.

At the end of the choice, the Customer must access the shopping list to complete the ordering process. This will take place in four simple steps: confirm products and details; finish purchase; make a transfer and send the payment proof to the designated email. At this stage, the order has been successfully completed. The customer will soon receive the e-mail address given the details of his order.

Article 3 – Liability for errors or stock failures.

The “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” is committed to put online only the products available for immediate. However, for reasons that are due to the existence of a limited number of itens, there may be occasional situations of rupture of stock, on which a product apparently available and whose purchase and payment had been duly effected by the Customer, is not in stock.

“Espaço Jóias, Lda.” assumes no responsibility for errors in the site contents or the provided information. “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” makes every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of the site and reserves the right to freely change its contents, including offers, prices or product characteristics, at any time and without previous notice.

In case of stock rupture or error in the provided information, “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” will contact the Customer to seek for the best solution, indicating a further period of delivery, an alternative article, a credit note or the payment refund. “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” guarantees, on the above situations, the total refund of the amount paid, after the cancellation, as quickly as possible and by the same way in which the payment had been made.

Customer cannot request to “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” any other compensation, compensatory interests or other compensation payments, in addition to the return referred in case of stock rupture or errors in the provided information on the site.

Only with such acceptance will be formed the agreement between “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” and the Customer, and this is an essential part of the sale conditions.

Article 4 – Processing and Shipping of orders.

Before delivering the order “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” needs to acknowledge the confirmation of the payment. The time of approval may vary according with the payment method chosen by the Customer. “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” will only contact the Customer for additional information if necessary.

Once the payment is confirmed the order will be immediately prepared. All orders are processed within 2 to 3 business days and sent by carrier.

The shipping is however dependent on the availability and type of article:

• Itens that are available in stock and do not require any adjustment or customization will be shipped in 2-3 business days.
• Rings, in which there is no stock for the Customer finger size, will have a shipping time from 7 to 10 business days.
• For other itens, not available in stock, the shipping time is variable depending on the article.

In all cases when it is not possible to deliver immediately the article, “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” will contact the Customer, indicating the new time limit for dispatch and the possibility of reimbursement.

Article 5 – Delivery, Shipping Costs and Methods of Payment.

Delivery will be made to the address indicated by the Customer when making the order.

We will ship to EU – European Union, countries only. If you are interested in buying from another country, outside EU, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Delivery will be performed by a carrier company, and will require the Customer signature as an acknowledgment of receipt. After reception of the item the risk of damage, loss or theft is transferred to the Customer.

Unless otherwise indicated on the site, deliveries are free of charge. “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” will borne the packaging and the shipping costs of the parcel.

To the following up of an order the Customer can contact the Customer Service of Espaço de Jóias, Lda. by email or phone, Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 1:30 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

The payment method available for sale through the site is exclusively bank transfer. However, if requested, “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” is available and willing to analyze other ways of payment more suitable to the Customer.

Article 6 – Guarantees

“Espaço Jóias, Lda.” ensures compliance of the itens traded with the legal terms and obligations in force. Technical assistance is provided by “Espaço Jóias, Lda.” and its partners or brands.

All itens have a warranty period of 2 years covering all manufacturing defects and damage but excluding situations caused by misuse or accident.

All costs of transportation and shipment of the article, even if under warranty, are at the responsibility of the Customer.

This warranty is only valid at “Espaço Jóias, Lda” premises and any other technical interventions performed elsewhere voids this warranty.

Article 7 – Site for any legal dispute

Parties agree and accept that any legal dispute, which has as object the business transactions conducted through this site, will be judged in the courts of the District of Porto – Portugal.


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