A – Applicable rules to exchanges and returns:

1. In accordance with applicable law (DL No 24/2014 of 14 February, as amended by Law 47/2014 of 28 July) the User / Consumer has a period of 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), from the day the items are delivered to the address indicated, to settle the contract, without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate the reason.

2. The right referred in the preceding paragraph shall be exercised by the User/Consumer by completing on the website of the Free Resolution Form (legally approved template) below.

2.1 As an alternative, the User / Consumer may contact the consumer helpline that will assist you in completing the Free Resolution Form, which will send to the mailbox provided by the User / Consumer and that he/she must then send to the email address of Espaço de Jóias,Lda., confirming the elements contained there in and his intention to resolve.

3. If the User/Consumer pulls the Right of Resolution, he/she must deliver, at his own expense, the products delivered to him, in the exact state in which they were at the time of delivery, accompanied by the respective warranty certificate(s), instructions and other documents that accompanies products, their packaging, any accessories accompanying them and their purchase invoice at the Julieta Jóias physical store.

4. All elements supplied with the product (including package and accessories) are essential for the possible return or exchange of the product. The guarantee certificate and its respective bill are necessary for the exercise of the rights of the legal guarantee or any voluntary guarantee provided by the respective manufacturer (see 10 below).

5. If the User / Consumer wish to exercise the right of resolution, in accordance with the terms provided for in 1. and 2., without being restored Espaço de Jóias, Lda. the product(s) sent to you within a maximum of thirty days from the date on which they were received by you, the resolution notice will not produce any effect and the amount paid for the product(s) will not be refunded to the User/ Consumer. The same will apply if all the elements referred to in 3 are not returned, in perfect condition.

6. Once returned the products, the technical services of the Espaço de Jóias, Lda. they will analyze and check the state in which they are located and the effective return of all the elements referred to in 3.

7. No exchanges or returns of products showing signs of use or misuse (including, but not limited to, risks, signs of falling) and violation of seals shall be accepted. In these cases Espaço de Jóias, Lda. shall not refund the amount paid for the products concerned and shall refund them to the consumer in the state in which he received them.

8. Exchanges or returns of items customized by the consumer or customized to your specifications will not be accepted.

10. After the technical services of the Espaço de Jóias analyze and if the returned products comply with the above conditions, the amount paid by the User / Consumer will be returned to him within a maximum of thirty days from the date on Espaço de Jóias, Lda. received the communication referred to (on 2) or the date on which the product was returned to Espaço de Jóias, Lda., if such return occurs at a date after the communication of resolution.

11. The credit will be made automatically in order to ensure speed in the process and more convenience to the Consumer, and carried out according to the means of payment chosen for the initial order within the maximum period referred to in the preceding paragraph and as follows:

12. At the time of exchange, the consumer may exchange for any other product in store, as long as it's equal value or superior, alternatively, request the emission of a voucher in the exchange value that will allow him to make a new purchase in store within 6 months.

B - Applicable legislation. Jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts

1.1 The use of the website as well as the transactions, contracts and business concluded through it, and the interpretation and application of these general conditions, Portuguese law is applied.

1.2 In order to resolve any emerging litigio from the use of the website, transactions, contracts and business concluded through this or the application of these general conditions, the Portuguese Courts are exclusively competent.

C - Legal information to be provided to the consumer

Information on the Right of Free Resolution (referred to in Article 4(1) of DL Nº 24/2014 of 14 February, as amended by Law 47/2014 of 28 July)

The consumer has the right of free termination of this contract within 14 calendar days, without the need to indicate the reason. The period for exercising the right of free resolution shall expire 14 days from the day following the day on which he acquires or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, acquires physical possession of the goods.

In order to exercise your right of free resolution, you must notify us through the contacts below of your decision to terminate this contract by means of an unambiguous declaration (e.g. letter sent by post, fax or email).

For these purposes, follow the contacts of the Espaço de Jóias, Lda.:

Fill the electronic form – Download PDF

Address: Espaço de Joias, LDA – Rua José Gomes Ferreira n.º207 – 4150-442 Porto


Consumer Helpline: 22 616 8861*

In order to respect the free resolution period, it is sufficient that its communication on the exercise of the right of free resolution is sent before the expiry of the resolution period.

Effects of free resolution

In the event of termination of this contract, you will be refunded for all your payments, including delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs resulting from your choice of a shipping method other than the least costly standard shipping method offered by us) without unjustified delay and, in any event, no later than 14 days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to terminate this contract. We make these refunds using the same means of payment that you used in the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise by you; in any case, does not incur any costs as a result of such refund.

We may retain the refund until we have received the returned goods, or until you provide proof of shipment of the goods, in accordance what comes first.

You must return the items or deliver them to us in Julieta Joias store without unjustified delay and no later than 14 days from the day you inform us of the free termination of the contract. We consider that period shall be respected if the items are returned before the 14-day period. Contact our customer service line to receive detailed information on where you can deliver and return the items.

In case of exercise the right to free resolution you will have to pay the costs of returning the item you have purchased. If you wish to return the items through carrier you will have to pay the direct costs of returning the items. These costs are estimated at a maximum of 15.30 EUR, approximately. (VAT at the time of the order).

You are only responsible for the depreciation of the items in case of manipulation that exceeds what is necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and functioning of the items.

Free Resolution Form:

Contact us at 22 616 8861* and we will help and assist you how to complete this document and send it to the address you have indicated.

*Standard cost national landline call