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Policy Privacy and Protection Personal Data of the site

Espaço de Jóias, Lda is the owner and operating entity of the website, is concerned to ensure that users of the site and its potential consumers not only fully comply with all legal obligations but also the full privacy of their data and the security of transactions carried out through such a platform, in accordance with the best practices available on the market.

The privacy and processing policy of personal data followed by Espaço de Jóias Lda, whose reading is recommended to all users of the site and potential consumers is the following:

1.Espaço de Jóias, Lda., identified below, is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data provided by users of the site.

2. By providing the data, the user/consumer accepts that the data may be collected and processed for the purposes of advertising, marketing (through any means of direct marketing and unsolicited advertising communications, provided that the user/consumer does not object to it), commercial and/or promotional offers, purchase and sale of products, statistical treatment of purchases and sales, placing and managing orders, technical and after-sales assistance.

4. The data provided may also be transmitted to the carrier/postal service, exclusively for the purpose of delivery and processing the orders placed and provision of information on such delivery and processing.

5.Espaço de Jóias, Lda. implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the data against accidental or unlawful destruction, unauthorized dissemination or access, adulteration, or loss, thereby seeking the integrity and confidentiality of personal data.

6. Espaço de Jóias, Lda. strict confidentiality is required about the data and confidential information that you will be aware of through the 'Site', only being authorized to use them for the purposes contained in the general conditions, for the exercise of any right in the context of contracts concluded with the User / Consumer, or following a legitimate order of any judicial or administrative authority.

7. Without prejudice the provisions of the preceding paragraphs of the previous numbers, Espaço de Jóias, Lda. warns and the Consumer accepts that the collection, dissemination and processing of data in open networks carries risks, and the data may be seen and used by unauthorized third parties, even against the will and regardless of the contribution or knowledge of Espaço de Jóias, Lda. and the User / Consumer, so Espaço de Jóias, Lda. On the other hand, by using the 'Site', whether from the user's point of view or from the perspective of content viewer, the User / Consumer may be exposed to content that, contrary and regardless of the will of Espaço de Jóias, Lda, violates the general terms and conditions of the site or applicable legal rules, and can’t Espaço de Jóias, Lda., or any entity authorized to process the data, be held responsible for such acts.

8. Espaço de Jóias, Lda. ensures and guarantees to the Consumer, in accordance with applicable law and without additional charges, the right of access (including rectification and updating of his/her personal data, without limitation), in particular through the Consumer Area of the website

9. Espaço de Jóias, Lda. may retain and keep the data for as long as necessary to ensure full compliance with the contracts that may be concluded with the User / Consumer – including, without limitation, for the purposes of warranty and after-sales assistance – which includes the right to keep and use the data, for such purposes, even after such contracts or agreements cease to take effect, for any cause, and after the period of exercise of the right of free resolution.

10. Privacy Policy and Personal Data Process applies to any data provided by the User / Consumer in the processes and procedures of registration on the website, placing orders and any data provided through the platform or provided following such records and orders.

11. For the proper and legal purposes, follows the complete identification and contacts of the entity responsible for the processing of personal data.

12. The User/Consumer may complain to data control entities, including CNPD.


Name: Espaço de Jóias, Lda.

NIPC / Commercial Register: 505859602

Activity Title Number T1147 of Jewelry Retailer – Website.

Head Office and Postal Address:

Rua José Gomes Ferreira nº 207

4150-442 Porto

Commercial Registry Office: Porto


Phone Number: 22 616 8861*

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