How about customizing your engagement ring?

It’s the jewel of the wedding proposal! Your moment to surprise and realize the dream of your future bride.

While planning the proposal, you idealize every little detail, right? But what about the most important thing of the proposal itself? How do you choose the ring that will accompany this striking moment?

If you’re so careful in taking the best decisions, wouldn’t it also make sense if you would choose the best version of the ring? That ring that represents all the love and affection you have for your future bride?

At Julieta Jóias you can design the ring for her, making it perfect for the occasion. It actually is the only way you’ll be satisfied when the time comes.
We know that it will be a very demanding moment, so we want to help you so that you won’t worry with the final look of the ring.

With a personalized service by experienced professionals and who will advise you the best way, see in our store your space for when the time comes for you to propose to your other half.

Contact us and let us help you in your choice. 🙂

Kiss JJ

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